New Light Fixture Installation Under 10 Feet with Attic Above: $175.00

What's included with this service?

  • Cutting hole in ceiling and running new wiring (as needed)
  • Installing customer-supplied fixture and mounting bracket
  • Light fixture test and clean up


What if I need to relocate the junction box or if I have more than two light fixtures that need replacing?

This service includes the replacement of up to two existing light fixtures with new fixtures installed in the same locations. If you need additional services, please call or email for a free detailed estimate.


What do I need to do before my light fixture installation appointment?

On the day of your light fixture installation appointment, all you need to do is make sure that the light fixture is located in the room you intend to have it installed. We will bring all the necessary tools to carry out the light fixture installation as efficiently as possible, and clean up the packaging afterwards.  We take price in protecting your floors and furniture.

GE Smith Electric Fixture Installation Replacement

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