What types of work are not covered by a free estimate?

  1. Electrical Repairs are not covered from a free estimate: Say in your home you have two bedrooms that the outlets don’t work. You checked the breaker panel and all of the breakers appear to be on and working, but the outlets are no longer functioning properly. That we can’t give a free estimate on because we have to come into the home, we actually have to do some physical electrical testing. Electricity is an invisible force. You can’t tell like with other work.
  2. Electric Inspections: Electric Inspections involve testing, opening up the circuit breaker panel and a written report. The cost for an electric inspection starts at $125 for a residential home.
  • Appointment Times: Please allow a time window of 30 minutes prior and 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment time as previous estimates may run a bit long or shorter than expected.
  • Estimates will be delivered in a timely manner via email. We do not offer on the spot pricing, we prefer to provide you with a detailed written estimate. Most small jobs have pricing on our web site.
  • Free means Free: There is never any hidden charges with our estimates.